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REER 78020 CableGuard

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REER 78020 CableGuard
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Brings tidiness and safety in the smallest of spaces

When baby starts to crawl and walk, nothing is safe any more. Everything is there to be explored. As parents, we are constantly busy securing the environment and reducing sources of danger. Accidents involving electrics can be very serious and must be prevented at all cost.
The CableGuard cable box allows cables to be tidied away and hides plugs from little hands. It provides reliable protection from electrical accidents at home.

Especially child-proof with lockable lid

Sockets and multi-plugs with red lights tend to be irresistibly attractive to babies in their exploratory phase. The lid on the box keeps cables securely stored away from small fingers. The integrated twist lock prevents the lid from being removed by small children and ensures children cannot access the dangerous sockets.

Prevents trippingand hides cables trailing across the floor

As sockets are usually located near the floor, trailing cables across the floor can be hard to avoid. The resulting tangle of different cables can quickly become a trip hazard for the toddling legs of small children. Worse, long cables constitute a strangulation hazard if your child starts to play with them. The CableGuard box allows the cable mess to be tidied up and keeps your child safe from dangerous injuries.

Especially child-proofwith special cable routing

Cables can constitute strangulation hazards for small children. They all too easily end up around a child’s neck during exploration. A young child’s lack of risk awareness can very quickly lead to a dangerous situation. When cables are securely stored in the cable box, the special cable routing at the openings prevents your child from pulling out the cable, providing a child-safe solution.

Universally applicable and well thought outwith plenty of space and integrated cable feed in the lid

The cable box allows plugs to be sorted clearly in a generous space of 30.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm. It brings order to the top and bottom of any crammed desk, and to any space where many cables come together. It is suitable for 3- and 4-way multi-plugs with tumbler switches, timers and large power units. Cable feeds in the lid allow mobile phones and tablets to be charged without looking endlessly for the right charging cable.

No risk from heat accumulationwith integrated airing slits

It is not uncommon for charging cables to overheat. Protecting your devices requires permanent air circulation in the box. This is why ventilation slits have been integrated at the bottom of the box. Outlets at the sides provide further air circulation and allow cables to be fed in and out tidily, preventing them from breaking.

Quality and durability thanks to high-quality materials

With its discreet, modern design, the cable box fits neatly into any home design. Easy-care ABS plastic makes the casing especially resilient and robust, and therefore very durable. Anti-slip rubber feet ensure the box stays in place.

Product details

  • for child-safe storage of power strips
  • protection against dangerous electrical accidents and their consequences
  • childproof closure with special rotary knob
  • keeps cables untangled
  • prevents tripping and strangulation hazards caused by cables lying around on the floor
  • cable openings and ventilation slits enable air to be constantly circulated
  • with rubber non-slip feet
  • discreet and modern design: suitable for every home interior
  • suitable for 3- and 4-way socket strips with toggle switch
  • Secured sockets should not be missing in a child-proof household.

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Papildu Informācija

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