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REER 90408 Pure insulated storage box termoss 300 ml

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REER 90408 Pure insulated storage box termoss 300 ml
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Pure insulated storage box, 300 ml

  • keeps baby food warm for up to 6 hours
  • stabiler Korpus aus Edelstahl
  • mit Antirutschboden

Age recommendation: 0 +


Ideal at home and when out and about

Whether just a small snack or a full meal, when you're out and about with children, it's best always to have something on hand to eat. When little ones need a nutritious meal far from home, a storage box is worth its weight in gold.
The ColourDesign keep-warm container enables the safe and leak-proof transportation of food, keeping it warm for up to 6 hours.

The ColourDesign insulated box consists of a vacuum-insulated, double-panel keep-warm body. This ensures that hot food is kept warm for up to 6 hours – whatever the outside temperature.

Even when your child has grown out of mashed food, the insulated box remains your loyal companion on trips out. For instance, muesli, nuts and biscuits can be safely stored in the box. On warm days, fruit and vegetables are kept pleasantly cool, ensuring they don't lose their freshness.

Drop-free thanks to a leak-proof lid

With an insulated box from reer you don't need to worry about your bag getting wet. The silicone seal makes sure this can't happen, guaranteeing that the box's opening is completely sealed and that no liquid can escape. The double-panel vacuum insulation system likewise prevents the box from sweating and drops of condensation from forming.


For safe and natural consumptionthanks to high-quality materials

The robust internal and external shell consists of 18/8 stainless steel, which is known for its high level of purity. The robust material stands up effortlessly to the requirements of daily use and is particularly durable, rust-free and scratch-proof. The food-safe stainless steel protects the contents from external influences without giving your food a metallic aftertaste. Dispensing with an additional internal coating means the box has no smell or flavour and is free from BPA, PVC and harmful plasticisers.

Design meets safetystylistic and slip-proof

The insulated box captivates with a modern design in trendy colours and a sweet motif. The box is not just stylishly decorated; it also features high-quality workmanship and provides even greater safety for the consumption of baby food. Its practical anti-slip bottom prevents the box being accidentally tipped over, ensuring a secure footing and protecting vulnerable surfaces.

Easy handlingthanks to a wide opening

The 7 cm opening means the box is easy to fill. Whether mashed food, tiny sandwiches or fresh fruit, nothing will miss the target and everything can easily be placed in the box.
After use, the opening also enables uncomplicated cleaning – for hygienic long-term use.

For a fair ecological footprintlong-lasting use

Our insulated storage box contributes to environmental protection. Its robust construction means it can be used for many years. It is the perfect alternative tobaby food jars, which end up directly in the garbage after use. To ensure as little packaging waste as possible, the boxes are sold without packaging and are merely equipped with product hangers that are made entirely from recyclable sack paper. For the protection of our earth and the future of our children.

Product details

  • keeps food warm for up to 6 hours
  • ideal for preparing and the storage of baby food
  • solid stainless steel body
  • hygienic, tasteless and unbreakable
  • with a practical anti-slip bottom
  • nominal filling volume: 300 ml

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