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REER Clip&Go Buggy Hook

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REER Clip&Go Buggy Hook
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Perfectly equipped on the go

Be it shopping or a walk, being out and about with baby in the pram can be a stressful experience. With the numerous essentials we need on the go, from nappies and wipes to bottles, etc., there is usually plenty to carry.
Our Clip&Go buggy hooks (pack of two) provide more comfort for parents out and about. They allow changing bags, shopping bags and handbags to be attached securely to the handle. You will have your hands free and all your essentials safely stored but within reach.


Easy transportattach changing bags, handbags, etc.

The buggy hooks can hold a large variety of items. They are ideal for attaching changing bags, handbags or shopping bags. With the hooks, bags can be transported on the buggy instead of adding extra weight to your shoulders.
Please note: Care must be taken not to carry any heavy items, as this may cause the buggy to tip over.


More stabilitywith double-anchoring

The Clip&Go hook set includes two separate hooks. Where these are attached to the outside of the handle on both sides, the weight is evenly distributed across the entire handle, ensuring stability. Double-anchoring reduces any uncontrolled tossing about of bags and ensures bags are kept out of your way while walking.


Universally applicablewith adjustable Velcro fastener

The buggy hooks are attached by way of a Velcro fastener – quick and fuss-free. As no special conditions are required for installation, the hooks can be used on virtually any handle. They may also be installed on the safety bar, for example to secure baby toys.


Easy handlingClip&Go carabiners

Use the carabiner to clip your bag to the holder – done! When you take your bags off, the hooks stay on the buggy, ready for their next use. A smooth spring ensures that the carabiners can be used without force and are easy to open with one hand. A perfectly close fit ensures the straps stay in place.


Especially hard-wearingquality materials

High-quality materials ensure the hooks are strong, robust and durable, with perfect functionality even after being used many times. Tear-proof polyester straps allow you to securely attach several bags at the same time.


Product details

  • Clip&Go: Buggy clips make it easy to attach baby changing bags, handbags, shopping bags or toys to the buggy and flexibly remove them
  • simple and quick to fit thanks to the hook-and-loop fastening
  • can be universally used on combination travel systems, buggies and strollers
  • robust and sturdy
  • contents: 2 buggy hooks

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