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REER 50110 mobilā aukle BeeConnect + dāvana

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Dāvana- REER LED BabyLightBasic


Range control

This baby monitor is equipped with an optical and acoustic range control system. Baby and parent unit regularly check mutual contact (even in standby-mode when the baby unit is not receiving any noise). If the range is exceeded, the status LED on the parent unit will begin to flash red and green and a signal tone will sound at regular intervals.

VOX and ECO modes

The baby monitor is equipped with an intelligent noise activation (VOX). If no noises are detected in the room, the transmitter switches to minimum energy consumption and radiation emission. As soon as the baby unit detects noises, it activates the radio connection and transfers the data to the mobile parent unit.
As soon as you place the parent unit at a fixed site at which you have checked reception on a previous occasion, we recommend that you switch ECO mode on (LED 5 lights up green). In ECO mode, range control is switched off and therefore in standby mode (whenever your child is quiet) the baby unit does not emit any radiation.

CAUTION! If you operate the baby monitor in ECO mode, it may happen that no connection to the baby unit is established when the parent unit is switched on. This can happen if the baby unit is in sleep mode (no signal transmission = no radiation). In order to force a signal transmission, briefly switch the baby unit to “range alarm” or speak into the baby unit so the connection can be established.

If you operate your baby unit with batteries, no alarm signal will sound on the parent unit when the ECO mode is activated and the batteries are flat. Please note: when the batteries are flat, the two device units are automatically disconnected.

 Microphone sensitivity

The baby monitor has two selectable levels of sensitivity for the microphone. Switch the microphone sensitivity on the baby unit to “HI” if you would like to be notified even at the slightest sound, or the baby unit is too far away from the cot. If the microphone sensitivity is set to “LOW” status, you will only be notified upon somewhat louder noises or if the baby unit is close to the cot.

In order to increase or decrease the receiver volume on the parent unit, press the +/– keys on the parent unit.

Pager function

Press the search button PAGER on the baby unit. After activating the key, the parent unit reports with an acoustic call signal and flashing control lights. To terminate the search function, press any key on the parent unit. The control lights are turned off and the alarm is terminated.

Technical information and functions

  • Technology: digital (2.4 GHz)
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz
  • Number of channels 36
  • Transmitter (baby unit) Power supply with mains adaptor or optionally with 3 AAA batteries / rechargeable batteries (not included in the delivery, no automatic battery charging function)
  • Receiver (parent unit) Power supply with mains adaptor or optionally with 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries (included in the delivery, automatic battery charging function)
  • Input 100–240 V, 50 Hz, 0.15 A max.
  • Output 5V / 500 mA max.
  • Transmitter power TX 80 mA, RX 130 mA
  • Range up to 330 m
  • Cable length approx. 1.50 m
  • Working temperature 0 – 50 °C
  • Storage temperature 0 – 55 °C

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Papildu Informācija

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