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REER 84131 ShineSafeBite Moskītu tīkls

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REER 84131 ShineSafeBite Moskītu tīkls
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Well protected all through the summer

As soon as the weather picks up and temperatures start to rise, even our littlest ones will love spending time outside. To enjoy a carefree day in the open, we need a few handy helpers.
The ShineSafe Bite sun and insect protection cover not only deters tiresome insects and prevents painful stings and bites, but also creates pleasant shade and protects against dangerous UV radiation and sunburn.


Reliable protection against insectswith finely woven net

Integrated insect protection reliably prevents contact with wasps, midges, etc. and protects your baby from painful bites and stings.
With its very finely woven net, it keeps off even the tiniest of bugs and ensures the pram is a safe and pleasant space.


Creates cooling shadethanks to large dimensions

With its generous length, the sunshade can cover the entire pram and allow for plenty of shade throughout the day. Shielding the inside of the pram against the hot sun stops the air from heating up and keeps your baby pleasantly cool. At the same time, your baby's eyes are screened from any blinding light during the trip.


Adjustable based on the position of the sunwith height-adjustable positioning feature

The size of the sun cover can be adapted to the position of the sun easily and conveniently. It can simply be pulled up or down to adjust it to the direction of the light. When it is no longer needed, simply pull it back onto the hood.


UV-resistant and breathable thanks to high-quality material

The sun cover is made from 100% polyester. The plastic fibres absorb up to 98% of the sun’s rays and offer your baby's sensitive skin maximum UV protection of UPF 50+. At the same time, the material is especially breathable. This guarantees constant air ventilation in the pram and protects against accumulation of warm air, for a pleasantly cool environment inside the pram.


Creates a calm sleeping environmentdoubles up as a sleep shade

The sun protection cover may also be used as a sleep shade. Simply pull the sun cover all the way over the pram. As a sleep shade, the cover minimises light inside the pram and reduces distractions, creating a calming atmosphere for sleep.


Secure holdwith all-round elastic band and fastener

The net is equipped with an elastic band around the edges. The tight band prevents even the smallest insects from getting in. An elastic fastener additionally secures the sail. For a reliable hold, even in windy conditions and on uneven ground.


Compact storageincluding storage bag

When not in use, the protective cover is easily folded up and stored in the bag provided, so it takes up minimal space. This makes it ideal for travelling, too; especially to far-away countries with unknown insects.


Product details

  • provides shade and protects against sunburn and UV rays (UPF: 50+)
  • reliably protects against irritating or dangerous insects
  • breathable material for optimum air circulation
  • universal use with all common travel systems, sport prams and buggies with hoods
  • material: 100% polyester
  • colour: grey
  • incl. storage bag

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