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REER ShineSafe+ awning Lietussargs

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REER ShineSafe+ awning Lietussargs
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All-round protection for sunny days

The young and soft skin of your Baby has not yet developed any own protection against UV rays. Just few minutes unprotected in the sun are enough to burn the skin. A sunburn is not only very unpleasant and painful for your baby, it also increases the risk of later skin diseases. Because of that the skin needs additional protection. The sun sail for pram and travel systems offers your darling pleasant shade and protects against harmful UV radiation.


Provides cooling shadethanks to large dimensions

The sun sail covers the open area of the pram almost completely and ensures sufficient shade at almost any position of the sun. This stops the heating up of the air inside of the pram and keeps your baby pleasantly cool. At the same time, the darkening makes a pleasant, glare-free trip possible.


Protection against harmful UV raysthanks to high-quality materials

The sun sail is made of 100% Pongee Polyester. This strong, tightly woven synthetic fibre absorbs up to 98% of the sun's rays. Thus it offers the sensitive baby skin the highest possible UV protection 50+. The dense material also protects your Baby against light rain.


Adjustable to the position of the sunwith various installation options

The sun sail easily and conveniently allows you to adjust its position individually based on the position of the sun. To create a large area of shade, pull the sail over the hood and fasten it. In the morning or evening, when the sun is low, the sail can be fastened easily to the side of the pram. When the sail is not needed, it can be pushed back like a blind; you never need to remove it from the pram.


Easy and safe to fix thanks to the all-round elastic and cords

The all-round elastic and the cords allows the flexible using on prams and on parent-facing sport buggies. To install the sun sail, place it over the hood, pull the elastic underneath the pram bed and fasten the cords to the handlebar – also for the stability even in windy conditions and on uneven ground.


Product details

  • provides shade and protects against sunburn (UPF: 50+)
  • conveniently adjustable to the position of the sun
  • protects against side wind and light rain
  • quick and easy installation
  • easy to store
  • size approx. 34-52 cm x 72 cm
  • machine-washable

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Papildu Informācija

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